2022 Bond Election

Posted 11/19/21, 2:20 PM
Updated 9/27/22, 8:29 AM
Bond Timeline of Major Events

2022 Bond Election Results

Message from Board President Michael White

Question 1 - Not to exceed $145 million dollars - Passed

  • 5,657 Yes votes - 61%
  • 3,651 No votes - 39%

With Question 1 passing, the school district will pursue the following capital projects:

  • Build a second middle school
  • Expand the early childhood program
  • Build a Career and Technical Center
  • Add and/or repurpose spaces at each school to meet student needs

Question 2 - Not to exceed $15 million dollars - Did Not Pass

  • 4,199 Yes votes - 45%
  • 5,105 No votes - 55%

The school district will not pursue building a multi-use community pool.


Over the past few years, the Auburn-Washburn School District has been working to determine the needs of our students and the community. Comprehensive feedback from all stakeholders was gathered to develop a five year strategic plan.

Based on that plan, the district engaged in a master facility review process. Through those efforts, the district discovered several facility needs. The 2022 Bond addresses those needs.