COVID-19 Incidents

Posted 7/21/20, 11:30 AM
Updated 7/28/20, 1:51 PM

Below is a list of all confirmed COVID-19 incidents related to Auburn-Washburn.

Incident District Notified Action Taken
Male WRHS student who attended Strength and Conditioning sessions at the school tested positive for COVID-19. 7/27/20
  • SNCO Health consulted
  • All session participants notified
  • Area cleaned and treated
Washburn Rural High School student who had attended volleyball open gym workout for approximately 10 minutes at Washburn Rural Middle School tested positive for COVID-19. 7/16/20
  • SNCO Health consulted
  • All workout participants notified
  • Area cleaned and treated
Staff member with WRHS Basketball Camp tests positive for COVID-19 7/12/20
  • SNCO Health consulted
  • All camp participants notified
  • Camp temporarily suspended
  • Area cleaned and treated
Off-duty staff member from Pauline Central tests positive for COVID-19 7/2020
  • Coworkers who may have had contact with employee notified