WRMS MAKE A DIFFERENCE Club needs your help!

Posted 8/4/20, 7:13 PM
Hello friends and families. We at the MAD club hope this letter finds you all healthy and happy!

It is the time of year again that we need help.
We have spent our time, since the beginning of the pandemic, delivering food to families in need. Sadly, our stores have been depleted, and we are in desperate need of the following:

Granola Bars
Pop tarts
Nuts (any kind)
Chips (Any kind)
Juice boxes
Capri Sun
Microwaveable Mac and Cheese, Ravioli, Pasta, Rice, Rice a Roni, popcorn.
Boxed/cups of mac and cheese
Cakes, muffins, cookies
Non Perishable soups, meals, chicken, tuna,
Fruit cups
Any jarred/canned pasta sauces
Pasta (any kind)
Beef Stew

Food donations can be dropped off at The Middle School. There are boxes labeled "Make a Difference" outside the main office doors, inside the main school entry.

We also desperately need monetary donations that you could spare. ANY amount helps!

Money can be sent to: WRMS
Attention Kay McDowell
5620 SW 61st Street
Topeka, KS

As always, thank you so much for being a loving, giving community.
The MAD club pantry is a resource that has been needed now more than ever!