Posted 3/24/20, 6:45 PM
Parents, it's that time! Teachers have been working hard to get your students' belongings packed up and ready to take home. Here's the information you need to know in order to collect those things.

When: Wednesday, March 25 (11:00 - 3:00 PM). If you typically pick up breakfasts and lunches (9:00 - 10:30 AM), you may gather your student's supplies at that time.

Where: Pauline Central Primary on the south side of the building

How: Line your vehicles up on the south side of the building and REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE. Staff members will greet vehicles and get your student(s) name(s) and bring their items back to your vehicle.

What: These items will be personal items, not learning packets

What If: If you are unable to participate in the distribution on Wednesday, March 25, please contact the office on Monday, March 30 to set up an appointment between Monday, March 30 and Friday, April 3. The office number is 785-339-4700.

What Else: Please bring your student's library books to turn them in when you pick up their items.

This process will probably take a while and the line may be long. We ask for your patience during this distribution. We look forward to seeing you.