Update from Mr. Holman:

Posted 7/30/20, 8:54 PM
Good afternoon Panther Parents and Guardians,

I hope this note finds you enjoying the day and looking forward to the start of another school year. We are planning and working towards the start of the year with 2 goals in mind; creating as safe environment that is possible, and providing meaningful learning opportunities. I imagine that there are preparations at home as well and one of them is likely purchasing school supplies. This year we will make sure that each child has their own supplies and will not have community buckets. Between the school district and building we will make sure that your child has all of the essential supplies that they will need to help them be successful at school. However, if you would like to still purchase school supplies and send them to school that would be fine. Also, if you would like to purchase school supplies and leave them at home in case we need to go to remote (on-line) learning during the school year that would be fine as well. Either way your child will be covered and I wanted to share that information sooner rather than later.
Before I get too far down the road I would like to encourage you to enroll/register your child if you have not had the chance to do so. All enrollments are on-line this year and so if you need any help or have questions please do not hesitate to contact the school. Once you have registered your child you will receive an email with a survey that will ask various questions in regard to technology accessibility as well as if you are planning on sending your child to school or choosing the remote/on-line learning option. That information is critical as try to figure out our enrollment numbers at each grade level as well as coordinate with Washburn Rural High School and Middle School in order to keep families together and going to school on the same days.
There will be many moving parts this year as there always are when we are getting ready for the school year to start. With the changes that we are going through we will need to rely on each other more than ever. We have a long standing tradition as a school community of working together and supporting one another and with that mindset we will get through this together and have another successful year at Pauline South.
Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone, 339-4750 or email holmachr@usd437.net with any questions or concerns.

Proud to be a Panther,
Chris Holman, Principal