Good morning Panther Parents and Guardians,

Posted 6/1/20, 5:08 PM
I hope this note finds you enjoying the start of a new week. As I had mentioned in an earlier email, I usually don't send out emails during the summer to parents but i think with the uniqueness of the situation we are all in, that it would help in sharing information. I want to apologize that there may be a good amount of repeated information but it does seem that things are going to be changing and the plan is to have several contingency plans as we look towards starting the new school year.

As Dr. McWilliams stated in his message, we are now looking towards the Shawnee County Health Department to set the guidelines as Governor Kelly has said that the state would send out guidelines but the individual counties would be responsible to set their own restrictions based on which each county needed to be safe. With that in mind, please know that the plans that are already underway in looking at all of the different possibilities for opening school will have the safety of your children and our staff as the highest priority.

As we are just at the beginning of the summer break I would like to encourage all of the students to continue their learning in a variety of ways. I know that everyone is in need of a break from school, but that doesn't mean that their minds aren't reading to take in new information in many different ways. Encourage your children to make new discoveries out in nature, which can be as close as your own backyard. Maybe build an ant farm or start a vegetable or flower garden. This is a great time of the year to stargaze and if your children have an interest in astronomy, there are many books at the book mobile at the Boys and Girls Club parking lot on Friday afternoons from 2:00-7:00. Of course, there is always the great escape of reading a good book. Even reading 20-30 minutes will benefit them so much and with the sun staying out so long during these months they will still have plenty of time to play, ride bicycles, and just hang out.

As proud as we all are of the learning that happens within the walls of Pauline South, there is a great amount that children learn outside of the walls of a school when they let their natural curiosity and interest be their lead. It is a great way for us as parents to bond with our children as well. Please stay safe, stay, healthy, and enjoy these summer days as a family. Please contact me by email if you have any questions or need any assistance at all.

Proud to be a Panther,
Chris Holman, Principal