Bucks 4 Books Challenge 2020---COVID19 style

Posted 5/22/20, 1:04 PM
The numbers are finally in and the true winners are libraries around the world!!! Wanamaker Elementary will be able to donate a total of $1205.16 to the American Library Association’s fund for disaster relief efforts around the world. W.E. have helped to rebuild countless libraries that have been destroyed in natural disasters over the years thanks to the generous donations of our students, staff, and parents. Thank You!!!

The breakdown of class winners goes like this:

Extra recess for the following 2019-2020 classes:

Henao, Decker, Molina, Hinthorn, Hoffman, Fewell, Byrd

Free lunch from Freddy’s and overall winner goes to Mrs. Fewell’s 2019-2020 5th grade class!!!!

Mrs. Reinert, Mrs. Fairchild, and Ms. Costello will work out the logistics of getting these amazing kids their prizes when we can all return to school again. For Mrs. Byrd’s class of 6th graders, we will have to get creative and figure something out to honor your donations and your support of Wanamaker. On behalf of the 2019-2020 Student Council, we thank each and every person who gave to this worthy cause.

Thank you and Keep Reading!!!!!