Getting those summer blues?

Posted 6/16/20, 2:54 PM
Try this fun painting idea from Leaping Llamas downtown! Bet this would really cool with a Farley Fox!

How to Tuesday!

This video shows how we do our Woven Watercolor Painting:

What will you need? Two pieces of watercolor paper, watercolor paint, paint brushes, pencil and scissors.

Make sure that each paper is the same size. Here we did 9in x 9in squares. Next, on the back of the paper make a line each half inch. Make sure to number each stripe so you can put them in order once they are cut up. Also be sure to make one paper with horizontal lines and one with vertical lines.

Decide what you want to paint! We love trees and mountain scenes but anything will work!

Once your painting is dry, you can cut the stripes. Next, you can start weaving your stripes together. Paper clips help keep everything together while adjusting. At the end, sometimes not all the stripes fit (as shown here) so adjust it how you like it! Lastly, put some glue on the corners and frame it!!

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