Eighth Grade Celebration

Posted 5/19/20, 9:39 PM
For our 8th grade celebration on Thursday, May 21, we will host a drive-through parade to honor our 8th graders as they leave the WRMS and head to high school next year. This will also provide the teachers and students a chance to say goodbye from a distance.

We are doing teams separately to avoid traffic congestion, so please plan to arrive approximately 10-15 minutes to the high school parking lot before your child's team's scheduled time. School officers will direct you to the specified areas.

Team times are as follows:
* SWAT: 5:00 - 5:30 PM
* WAVE: 5:40 - 6:10 PM
* CHAMPIONS: 6:20 - 6:50 PM
* HEAT: 7:00 - 7:30 PM

Teachers will be handing out commemorative lanyards to participating 8th graders. Also, we encourage you to make signs, decorate car windows, etc. to show your WRMS and team spirit!

Attached is a map that shows the directions of the route to follow for the drive-by celebration. Vehicles will travel from west to east as they travel in front of the MS and circle behind our building and make a loop to the road that goes by the football stadium to Wanamaker.

We hope to see you and our 8th grade students next Thursday for a last send-off!