Posted 8/26/20, 7:06 PM
We asked staff what they would like to tell parents as we prepare for the start of school. Here are some of their responses:

- We are working hard to do the very best for your child! Providing them the education they deserve while keeping them safe is our top priority.

- We miss your kids!

- We consider it an honor that you are trusting your child to us during this scary time.

- Stay positive and reassure your kids that whether they are remote or hybrid learners, we will take care of them!

- Teachers didn't want school to be this way either, no one does. We would love for it to be back to "normal".

- Expectations are high.

- Learning will be different than last spring, but it may not be perfect. Please give us grace.

- Safety precautions must be taken seriously by students (at school and home).

- We need families to be on board with what we are doing to teach their children.