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Teaching and Learning

USD 437 has met the compliance requirements of the State Performance Plan for data submitted in the February 1, 2012 Annual Performance Report

The Teaching and Learning department partners with teacher, administrators and parents to design and deliver 21st century instruction to every child, every day.

Auburn-Washburn has used a Balanced Literacy model for teaching English Language Arts for several years. Last spring the Board of Education adopted new English Language Arts curriculum and textbooks to deliver that instruction. This is a part of our normal process; curriculum revision is ongoing and new materials are purchased regularly. Our district process involves every English Language Arts teacher in the district and our Board of Education approves all decisions.

Teachers were trained and are using the new materials this fall. Parents may see some differences in the instruction students are receiving and we want to put those changes into perspective. This new set of materials is much more comprehensive than the last language arts program we used. The new materials, called Journeys, provides teachers with student learning data they need to make informed instructional decisions and guide students on the path to be successful in all areas of literacy.

Benefits for parents, students and teachers include:
  • Weekly check points
  • Unit assessment and performance tasks throughout the year
  • Information to track student growth towards meeting grade level curriculum goals
  • Guidance for adjusting instruction and meeting student learning needs
  • Preparation for upcoming state assessments

We are excited about the opportunities this change will bring for our students. Teaching literacy is a complex process and this set of learning targets and materials will provide a solid framework for instruction.

Questions regarding the new curriculum or materials can be addressed by teachers or may be directed to Teaching and Learning at 339-4039.
Student handbooks are available for students of all grades. These handbooks outline district policies and what is expected of students.

A parental rights handbook regarding procedural safeguards is available to exceptional students and their parents, and the local education agency responsibilities is available in each building and at the USD 437 Shuler Education Center.

Elementary Handbook (PDF)
WRMS Handbook (PDF)
WRHS Handbook (PDF)
TSLC Handbook (PDF)
WRAHS Handbook (PDF)

Special Education Resources for Parents (KSDE Website)
Contact information for the Teaching & Learning Department.

Name Position Phone E-mail
Dr. Ann Matthews Executive Director Teaching & Learning 339.4038
Jaime Callaghan Assistant Director of Student Services 339.4058
Dr. Jeffrey DeBacker Curriculum Coordinator 339.4044
Kim Rasmussen Curriculum Coordinator 339.4045
Becky Blick Instructional Facilitator 339.4046
Ruth Swanson Intervention Specialist/At-Risk 339.4049
Jill Gratton Secretary to Exec. Dir. Teaching & Learning 339.4039
Paula Manteuffel Secretary of Student Services 339.4033